Monday, April 30, 2012

newer pleasures

the door propped open
and opening greater still
the framework collapsed
an instant oatmeal was refreshed
like timesheet or time-traveling-sheep.
I wonder if we could
lolling till dawn do us part
repeat and rinse the sunshine
all over again the next day till sun rise.
Roses do fall with the sun.
But somewhere in a capsule,
the squirrels sells sex for target
practice of evil hunters that regret
to gather for the greater needs of self.
Absorption in longitude
harms a musket and revolvers charm.
Intermingling moguls stark,
cheering lemons creeping in dorms.
Indirect rape is a tricky case
because the anatomy barely moves
outside the ozone layers thin as sheet metal.
Full-metal-jacket grace
Develop antelopes all the time.
Requiring more manpower ever
dreamed of before.
No will.
No hate.

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