Sunday, April 8, 2012

Exclude Ultimate Clues

Illustrative hair dashed about
piano keys because
you have seen three
tulips bloom in the
intricate sun ray patterns.
I danced on top of leaves
and threw about the seeds.
The language was taken
out of the air and a placid
vine grew from my inner peace.
The place of the most secret
and true cartoon
is the doom that drew
me and you.
We ended up here
so that the whole world may be
a creeping anchor into
the void of the speechless lust.
The illusion is so strong and savory
that it repels the other magnets away.
All the other girls that wish they could have some
are hopeless and lost.
Within all my luckless luck,
I ended up lucky to just
truly not feel the whole worry of longing.
I feel it in other ways,
but not this way.
I have the love that I should receive
is that all I ever need?
I am excluded and
I feel extra diluted
a flute that lost it's chorus.
A sailing ship with only a captain,
an elaborate scheme without mechanisms.
It is as is I am an amethyst buried deep in the ground
destined to be a dream, but ever sleeping.
Such as an gem is yet a stone,
I am really colorless and
lack in sparkle.
I jump out of ones memory
and into the fire.

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