Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Happened

to chasing after perfection?
Were you, Ama, ever perfect at all?
Do not bother to answer those questions,
for those are unfair to ask in the first place.
However, please do explain what you plan to do
with your mind.
It is interesting to see what a girl you have become
when all that seems to happen now
is that you drag your feet as if you
developed roots that twist into the ground.
It is one thing to love trees,
but you cannot become one by no means.
That winter sun only shines very rarely
and you blame the clouds for your somber mood.
Obtain a positive star constellation
because night is the best time for living.
Travel to each star and accomplish a task there.
Don't let yourself float down to earth
once you believe you can fly
instead of this sedentary lifestyle you live in currently.

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