Thursday, November 25, 2010


When nothing erupts in my mind because the words I do not speak shape out much of what should be felt. I left something next to your bed by accident just so I could travel back enough in one year to see you again. I do not care about the objects. I love the soul depicted here. Your heart is like a metronome. I see my eyes in reflection of the mirror as a sky. I would dive off the highest tree into your arms so lets never fly solo when we can see the world together through a telescope I welded myself from scraps of metal. Abandoned buildings became a sanctuary to us as we wandered afar from home. We gathered moss to create a bed and strewn leaves to form a net of caresses natural and motherly. Like a womb, we hoarded our delicate subtleties till sunlight illuminated the tops of our eyelashes. I gathered your nothingness into my somethingness to make it crafty and destroyed the devastation of what is to come. Wouldn't you say our love was equal and friendship was a trust to be unbroken through bonds? Addiction to the same puzzle nuzzled our noses and fretted for sleep. Dreams drove and left us with these. These are our hands to create a makeshift masterpiece. Dance in course of fleeting moths. We are dusty and fooled to be in love. It is trickery in reality, is a killer to the cause of nobility. So therefore it is proper to hate simultaneously to love as all black to white ratios need balance and support. You have my back and I have yours. Ccomrodory is important to survive in double lands multiplying too fast.

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