Thursday, April 17, 2014

Organized Oleander Fields

I withdrew you from poppies,
placed you in peonies and that
did not help your troubles.
Your cravings were intense
and yet here we are,
falling into oleander at dusk.
Innocent geese fly over our heads,
moss growth on our cheeks.
We are too hazy from the ash
travelled on wind
from the volcano expressing
its joy to be alive again
miles from here.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Elevator Death Plague

That feeling in the bass drop
as the floor falls out
underneath the feet
standing packed into the
elevator unknowing of
our messy fate.

None of them had a
chance of survival.

On that very day, I was
nowhere near an elevator.
That day is known as,
"International Elevator Death"
You can imagine the absolute
fear of dedicated employees
have to their jobs
that would rather walk the stair
to their gloomy location
rather then take the easy
way up.
Thus, elevators have become
extinct, everyones legs
have more muscle.

Refresh and Underbless

May I hear your squeaking shoes
at my doorstep, please?
May I hear your deep whisper
disturb the horses sleeping in the barn?
May I hear your eyelashes flutter
like wings of a moth steeped in dreams?
May you please hold me under
the covers with fingers of warmth
creeping all over
cobwebs spilling
spindling daggers
rumination inflation
flammable leaves
clapping dry heaves
trying to bite
singing or a whistle
culling the cradle
where it has been broken?

My One. The Only. Lick that Thermostat.

Sloppy eaters of hay via cream cheese,
the royal, Gray Poupon, is standing at the door.
My one and only friend, shall it ever be made
hence, that the present wind bender blew
a kiss onto thy check. Surely it is peek mating
season. The matador is standing at the door again!
I say onto you m'dear, so shall it ever be a reckoning.
In farce attitude at such an altitude at the coronation
ball, that the ball bounced on his head and
off to another odd brain in statue times.
The corridor is leaking in coriander.
Crimson calamities, all to avoid banality...
was it worth the charred meat and silver
gumball machines? I beg you to pardon!
I deliver my pantyhose to your nose,
now sniff! At the party in the churning
of the century, the old models are
replaced with newer replicas.
An old wife shall be traded for a newer
photoshopped trophy. Out with the old man,
bring me a handsome devil.
Oragies will be a happier place
instead of the ones held at funeral parlors.

Punch Bowl Extremities

We all know the jokes
about the jocks bruised
whilst snoozed.
That insinuated the clandestine
charms of the belle de jour
just because they can.
When the fog heats the brain,
we convulse with shame-gasims.
Made out of pure enigma stardust,
they rose to the challenge of bravery.
What they had to prove was ambiguous.
However, the mighty persevered.

Getting to the punchbowl all
haunched over and contorted,
he vomited into oblivion.
I once knew a man that had a buddy
that was a pal of a dude that became
a prostitute to a transgendered bodybuilder.
My mind is engineered to receive your
solitary love signals.
Lets just fuck around.
The end...
or it is the event horizon.
Enter the void, my friend,
my one and only friend.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Slide into a Coffee Bath

My unfair hands almost
choked my neck and
pulled me under to drown.
I am so violent toward myself.
Every part of my mind is against
the purest me, the me that sits
trapped in a clear box.
That is the observational me.
All my other selves talk a big
talk but the real me shuts them up.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kerosine the Gruesome Machine

I poured the gelatin fixings
into the tub for you, my dear.
Jump the fence and lick my toes,
climb in through the early water.
Your tub is your sanctuary
until the trucks come and
drag you away.
Not that I would let them.
The machines won't get passed me.
Growing roots from knees
out onto the floor,
crackling the ceilings,
shattering the windows,
it is a full on war.
A pistol slips out from my
left breast.
The only piece of the machine
weak to attacks are the tires.
Shoot holes clear on through,
the trucks breakdown and slide
about the highway.
Kerosine strikes a blast at me.

Friday, April 4, 2014

I Hope to be Among the Greats

I have made an investment
into my art wanderings whether
I will have no one following me,
my paths will always be empty.
At the end of this journey,
by 50 years from now
I hope to gather up some kind
of fame.
I want to be that haute couture
artist accessible by all,
still to remain reclusive...
I am just a heartbeat away.
The line is pretty thin.
If I don't get there soon
I will die.

Just Thoughts

I don't have anything to feel poetic
about but I have art to do
and I am just sitting here
staring at the screen.
I really want Bikini Kill's
music on CDs.

Swagger Limit Zero

What does a cosmic apple need to be cool?
What do baskets of ice creams need to be soup?
Where do flies get their inviable wings?
When does the child fight the demon for the ring?

All these questions and more to be answered
when the sawdust sweeps the plains
of an unadulterated mundane train.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Neighborly Negation

It is of that certain hour
that your correspondence simmers down.
I am struggling with that loneliness
that burns the bed I lay down upon.
To further the pain,
the heart takes a stab
because my mind is the strongest organ.
If I wonder off into this dream,
leaving the light and descending into
the deeper waters of sparse life...
I would not recommend for you to follow me.
The ocean is filled with dangers.
A shark would devour you
before you'd be able to grab my ghostly hand.
Jellyfish tentacles could ensnare you,
burn you with poisons.
You might get the aid from gentle whale sharks
or an ancient turtle.
Just think about it. Don't enter the waters.
I am not worth the trouble at all.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

You Are What You Watch Not

Not to withstand the implication of temptation
legalizing the first draft is an impish action
brought forth to by the Intimidation Council,
who's sole purpose is to rattle your bones and to
make an Individuals teeth fall out (we provide a
metal pale to drop your teeth in. We must collect
your teeth as they become our property thereof).
An X marks the area of floor that the Individual
must stand on before the court.
This Individual shall receive no outside help
from that of which we provide for our client.

Without further ado, this trial shall commence.

Incandesce illuminated milk (Chinese water)
excluded the roundabout factors precluding
discontinued health relations of producer,
consumer, and caretaker.
This Individual came into contact with the
caretaker the moment they shook hands
and recited the verbal joust of small talk,
jokes, and the latest weather forecast.
The caretaker ran into the Iranian She-devil
an hour before their meeting.
The Iranian She-Devil procured this title
by inducing herself into coma, waking up
on the sidewalk, and deeming herself homeless,
and stealing a taco night family dinner from
her neighbors, the family claims to have
never met her before in their lives.
Why is this She-devil important to our
case? I ask you, why is she not important?
However, the caretaker held no knowledge
that the She-Devil was the toxic vessel of
a psychotropic drug that produced in her
an airborne disease.
The caretaker unfortunately became infected
and passed it onto this Individual.
There was never any knowledge or evidence
of the distraction of this disease and it
is now all traced back to one poor woman.
But now we have this Individual in contempt
of counteracting the drug, and that, my audience,
is where the law has been so mercilessly fractured.

~To be continued~
I hope...