Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Warm Up To Me

Climbing a mountain is climbing another mountain
while that mountain blows their rape whistle
wetting the horns of the throbbing gristle.

Well, hello my friends, it is mandatory that you pick up your executioners hand guide to the best hand jobs before and after death. Departure time is whenever you like and your arrival time... is to be a mystery. Who knows if you will actually end up where you want to be anyhow. I tell you this now so you will hear it million times over in your brain, this sort of fact will resonate deep within your gonads relaxing on gondolas, your puppet is a fleshy human monster with no brain. I hope you have circumcised your earlobes and pierced your nipples, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

To your right, we have a game of eye spy as we gaze with our male eyes onto the scenery of trees. Yet, with our male gaze, all we see is nude trees! Nude trees that transform into nude women. Now, I trust that your erection has become painful due to the electric wires hooked into your anus. Look! All your clothes are dissolving like sugar in water. A rainstorm is falling upon your vulnerable bodies of every color, creed, and gender. This is a world we live in. Nothing is the same and we never intend to habitat the same brain twice. If I were to visit your gondola for a sex spell, then I would leave a panther up a conifer tree with bee wings as my branches.

Continuing down the watery path of the ferry free way, please observe the scenery at the direction of Hell. Our boat has now evacuated. If you are the last one, you are going to die by way of a cake placed in an oven.

The House Husband  

 He has spent the whole day ironing her black suits and steaming her silky lavender blouses. He is baking a cake for her arrival home after a hard day at work. Baking is the highlight of his day because he knows this cake is laced with the aphrodisiac of love. All she could ever want is in that cake, but he questions why she has to leave so often for meetings and phone conversations of the next global takeover by way of commercialism and merchandising. He knows she is expert in using people. This night will be different because he thinks he will use her to get what he wants.

Cobblestone pathway from doorway leading down the hallway to kitchen, stainless steel countertops, butcher's knife overnight, radio loosing tune... static arises over a demigod swoon. Relentless struggle of a couples remorse, should have said no words instead of paragraphs of insults. Pejorative ransom note is romantic gesture for ever woman cop to be invited to this shindig, get down, and cuddle up to an orgy. Everyone is handsome. The cake was never eaten.

His throat burns from all the whisky and gin. The cobblestone is littered with tentacles, vibrators, and empty bottles of lube, oh and of course the blood of his murder victim. The death of a powerful business woman would never go unnoticed, yet, the media has its attention elsewhere in the world. He realizes nobody but him cared for her.

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