Saturday, June 16, 2012

Piecy Particles

Piety bleeds.
She said it would not matter.
If nothing is for free, why
would I flee?
I tried to beg a different way.
As if to ask for raise on my 
pay check by pleading insane.
That however, did not work.
She said she had nothing to do with
the way I go about my days in endless
loneliness when we know very well
the fact of the matter is completely
She says I am completely oblivious.
And to what > For what > 
Now I am just creating tension.
The facts should all be there.
They coexist with in out creature breath.
I am leading my life as an enthusiast of
blood-sucking sickle cell anemic vessels
of wine! 
I cannot create misfortune,
but what I have created so far
is a prodigal line of car crashes. 
I curdle at the sight of me.

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