Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brain Noise

If the contour reached
a height that questions
illicitly illustrate the
impending chimes of
lonely house dwellers,
then my space of mind
is in your line of moods.
I am in disbelief that the
heart is located where us
humans reckon it to be.
I think the heart is all
inside the brain.
For me, I feel my heart
at the forehead or the very
The center is the gentler
The forehead is the angry
The forehead is where
my horns blossom into
daggers to stab the eyes
of the other who finds
themselves in trouble of
such a blunder, why do
you not leave when you
I suppose that is my center
heart that draws the other
back in.
And I dislike the back
and forth of my love-like
I am terrible, unpredictable,
and hurtful.
Why can't I straighten myself

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