Thursday, May 3, 2012

Misinformed are the days
benediction spellbinds
the gratuitous amount
paid pound upon pound
to lengthen the highway
till we run out of moon stone.
I pronounced marriage
in these difficult times
due to the stress and lack
of reality.
It pains me to observe this
culture of vultures
squeezing every lemon
to the last drop.
Every juice is watered down.
Oceans water will never
lack the salt of malevolent
beneficiaries. The fish
understand the struggles
of the trust of women to men.
When will the last corset
be woven?
The difficulty in this era
is overcoming the hate
of our own self image.
We debate amongst the
ones we trust.
It is poured out into the masses
to prove how much we hurt.
We are never good enough
for ourselves.
I disapprove of my face.
I hate myself.
Why can't I be beautiful?
I am the one of many
who want to die.

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