Sunday, May 13, 2012

landline lakes

Land in fields,
valley earthquake feels
shivering dust off trees
lemonade frees try
to reprimand the seed.
If justice tries to file for
in denial, we must seek
the nearest space shuttle.
The human race must flee.
Flinging ourselves into space.
I do not want to be parted
from you, oh lord, oh grace,
oh the immobile state.
If you are my roots,
I have become nothing more
then floating algae or spores
or mold. And I cannot derail
the undesirables. I try, I really
try. I am unwilling to break.
Please help me!
I thought it would be best
to tie my ankles to a chest
full of trickery so that I may
trick death to believing I
have always been like this
before the maddening
covers of a crowd took
me down to a cellar.
Yet, I do not know
where to take and
leave this. This has
all become about me.
This was meant to be
about you.
If I continue to go
through life concerning me,
then where will I be?

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