Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I am Horrible

Destructivism is a quality I keep up to date in my mind.
It explodes and decays into a watery willow train,
trails of tears scourer away the joy...
I lend my blame onto faith
for it's disruptive path perpetuates into my lap.
I am in need of change
just where does the horizon line end to begin again
and I can start up a new site of glory
to hail my insipid deeds upon?
Alas, I am lonely.
Where does one find a mate in a land
so debauched in cacophony?
I aim my victories toward Venus.
Near to the sun, it's scorched lands dry and gaseous,
bleed unto me the hot, heavy heat of infantry.
Let it be known that I can be reborn
into a monster more eviler then before.
Let no man tame me.
A soul herded by a leo and a cancer at the shore,
charged to attack
never a placid or lack.

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