Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hello. I appear, disappear, and reappear again.

Not only does time seem to pass on by swiftly that a ghost without a future has to deal with exploitation of gentle scares on the Discovery or Travel or History channels. Humans tend to be prejudice toward hauntings. Perhaps the spirits and souls happen to be disturbed by the "living". Henceforth, it is in my right as a ghost to move about my solemn day where all colors fade to gray, never a black, yet all is bleak without a heart because I have forgotten what love was long ago. 

Ahhh, please let me have your time so that I may reflect back onto the years of my youth when I was in love. It was on a pleasant day nearing sunset in the town of Beverly. I brought out the trash to the curb to place the black plastic bag into the medium large tin bin showing some signs of rust. Across the street I catch a glimpse of this girl. She had medium length brown hair. The edges of her hair were all neatly trimmed and curled under. Her smile sparkled and cute dimples formed on her freckled cheeks. I could view the sunset in her eyes. She brightened up my life. From that day forward, since she had approached me that night of my simple chores for living in a house could bring me to her, we have been inseparable. Or at least I thought we were inseparable. We had known each other enough to live and share love to get married, but in her mind she descended into silent fits of madness. I dealt with it all I could until she took her own life with a stab from a kitchen knife to the heart right on the shores of Beverly. So, I had lived on my days in loneliness and never found love again because she was the only one of her kind. Her kind is in terms of not only the beauty on the surface, but a deeper involvement of trust and compatibility that a locked security was engraved to both of our brains. 

Alas, I have not come across her in my ghostly afterlife as much as I would have loved to join her again... but she cannot be lost forever. She is probably waiting for me too. It even hurts me to view upon the "living" and see how too many people displace love insight of other emotions such as fear. When one knows they are in love, then don't let your heart be chained to an unforgiving stone because that stone does not break, not even for a smile. Instead, your heart knows it must be free. Let it fly, if you will, giving the context for inspirational cheesy love metaphors. 

I will leave you here now. For I must disappear again. The rain might come soon and I rather take a walk then consume anymore of your precious time.

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