Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Obsessive Daydreamer

Trapped in my own thoughts
of words left unsaid.
I wish to speak of them to a friend,
but they are nowhere near.
How can I function in a society that
involves action when all I do is
sit and think too much?
I entertain my imagination as I have a
continuous circus performing daring tricks
and astounding backflips.
I dizzy myself with images of flight, death as reality,
running free in flower fields, giving speeches, hosting parties,
contortion acts, opening my own gallery, skiing down a mountain,
hiking mountains, a marathon finisher, fashion designer, publishing a book,
dream Victorian house, conquering higher positions then men, traveling to everywhere,
doing everything
and anything.....
wait I daydreamed too much within this poem
I lost site of what I was writing about.

Does not matter anyways.
Aztec poetry is really amazing if you want to read something better.

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