Saturday, September 11, 2010

At an End to Bee Colonies

There is nothing as joyful as a bright and chipper bee.
At every flap of her wing, her heart races thousand times more at a race to catch the sun.
She can fly to the highest tree tops and look down upon the velvety lime green grass
and think about the mistrust in the hive that causes quite a rush.
Every time the queen snatches a drone he might leave just as quick
and never return again.
Many of the lady workers buzz away with irrepressible shame,
lockless love drawers, hexagon in shape.
To support the hive, one must be the honey.
But we can't tame the buzz
when all is lost and gone.

*It is unfortunate that bees abandoned the hive. They are a very important insect to this earth and no one can figure out why the bees simply leave. One factor I have heard about was the cell phones or certain kind of radio waves the cell phones use.

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