Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lossless Gloss

How and when, as the wind swept the leaves, across the land of air dried bodies at the stagnant river embankment, can you catch a twenty? Stale twigs are rustling in the distance. Perhaps a mangy cat is rallying a pack of dogs for an intense chase. The nearest town is a few miles away, the factories are still pumping out gaseous pollutants from the smoke stacks and they drain out oozing liquids. This river is beyond help. This towns death toll reaches a newer and higher number on the daily. It is all mainly suicides. The twigs are now shattering and rocks are smashing, bones are crackling...what is causing this great deal of calamity? Large tanks turn the corner from the forest. Guns are shooting off. I feel as though I must run away from here.

What exists to make me disappear
so that I may not hurt anyone
to not even bend an ear?

I stumble upon an abandoned sack, it is quite heavy. But I take it with me as I run along the waters edge. A sewer entrance is opened, I take this as an opportunity to hide away into safety.

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