Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Long Breath and then finally I Realized the Sheet

Muffled super fighter flightier.
Lightning in wind of response depraves my attitudes of dudes that are lost.
Will I mean to never do it again? I am desperate for prayers in the hands of a bush.
Loaded baked potatoes emasculate the escalators full of skeletons and spiders.
Keen on decisions of decepticons, Clara retrieved her answer machine...
"I am a mess in this time of month in this certain place in a Saturday out of the year."
Exclamations are didactics tricking the clandestine salvation saliva delivering whistles to those that might have been or will be raped. "Never too late to own a whistle," screams Clara as she is absolved of all her sins. Since then, Bruce has never seen Clara again. We join her now in Mars.

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