Thursday, December 27, 2012

A hippo-pot-o-pill
gives me a thrill
when the cat-a-cream
sniffs thy shoe.
Weave thee a building
of basket breaking yarn.
Yearn not for the stars,
but for the nebula of lust!

it is a debate or
a testimonial.

Cantaloupe dignitary,
east coast fibbery,
list of jib jibbery.
I trivialize murder!

In the case of an emergence
see the last page for
the reinforcements.
Install the powder in robots
deeply significant cocoon.

I list these on to you
because you make me sneeze
and the light from the screenplay
hypnotized me.

With or without help,
a gargantuan trampoline identifies me
and wants to eat me.
Haven't you ever found out how I fluctuate in
a temperate landscape!
I devastate myself.
I am a rebuttal.
In any sense of the means
a clown can eat a cake
but does that make me a rapist?
I forgot my Brian Ferry.

The cantaloupe is still on my trail,
he senses the bounce breasts
and the entrails of thyme,
not rhythm nor rhyme. 
A story told in order from which it goes;
a video store lost the race,
they close and sell the space.
Such is the so forth of frothy foam on waters edge.
Let us eat a scone
and leave him alone.
She is a loner.
Him or her, they are loners.

A budding arena in a testimony trait,
trick the candidate!

Teach me the game of Bridge or canasta. 

My brain is too tired for chess.

Take me to Laguna. 

Speech to me the lines of Wordsworth for old time's sake. 

I can't handle the date!
Save me from going insane!
Try as I might,
the lines build and build
how is an artist to be a citizen candy cane?
If this poetry of words
crashes and burns
remember for what I have never written.

The purgatory is the place of the bull.
Menacing watermelons triple a squirrel.
Meals full of diamonds for dear Mr. Bowie
and lucid are the soldiers that have just been pleasured.
A relaxed army is a gracious army of Vishnu.
Tackling mysteries,
climbing up mountains,
charging the queen with pretty rhinoceroses. 
Belittle the bell court with petty rags,
dress the ambivalent tigers in trousers. 

to be continues..... methinks...... title is pending.......

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