Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Forgot that I Deserve a Pontoon Party on the Thames River

If you will,
if it please the court,
if I may,
I begin.

I would like to sing again.
Not a soul to listen to my voice.
I shall sing anyways.
I will take my invisible guests
for a night on the Thames.
I shant hurt a fly.

The way I have been treated
is irreversible.
Complaining is irresistible
yet not a soul listens to my voice.
So a night on the Thames will be
splendid full of food and vodka.

My way is the lonely way.
Out on the highway,
numerous accidents.
Out on a river is a serene event.
Let my voice spread it's wings
and harpsichords thrill at the end.

If you have eyes,
if you care for words,
if you live in dreams,
That is where I begin again.

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